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Friday, April 16, 2010

Gilbert Williams draws great inspiration from celestial realms, which are portrayed in his mystical paintings that bring to our imaginations magical worlds that, until now, have only existed in our purest of dreams.

His work creates a magnificent synergy that conveys tremendous love, light and beauty. His talent will certainly assure him a place in the annals of the great masters or art.*lEW1vZixr7itZsKbXb4KDcE1jhFV8rCRfoFDDNaRyz0aM065T2rN67B0kdMtx0Fsd8HG2Ov7Y4KqnV8af-rvsXQYPoCuW/Atlantis20mposeidon.jpg


TyHyChi Healing Networks.. said...

This Artwork is Beyond Amazing!
You can feel the Amazing Energy this Visionary Artist has experienced and captured on Canvas..
The video & music just brings it to life! Great Tribute to Gilbert Williams..
(Truly Unforgettable Art!)

Kate Smedley said...

These are absolutely stunning Bren, I love the colours, thanks so much for sharing.

Catie Stewart said...

Very beautiful, thank you. Catie